Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day Two of Recovery

Good evening!  Hinna's still pretty under the weather so I'm typing for her again.  Good news is that so far her wounds don't look infected at all.  She's pretty zonked out because I've been medicating her with very tiny doses of Tylenol (she said it's safe for pixies and that they use the same thing for pain) but she's resting comfortably.  I crocheted her a little hat to keep her head warm and used my extremely meager sewing skills to make her a sleeping bag.  Hopefully it's more comfortable than a dish towel in a bowl.  Miranda over at Miranda Wandering was so sweet and sent her a stuffed bunny to snuggle with.  She's mostly interested in sleeping still but really seems to like the bunny. 

I'm trying to think of things to entertain her with once she starts feeling a bit better because I think she's going to be stuck in bed for a while and I don't want her to go stir crazy!  Any ideas?



  1. That little sleeping bag looks really cozy! As does the hat! And we're so glad she likes her bunny. Bunnies are the best. :)

  2. Thanks, Miri! The sleeping bag is cozy and apparently the Bunny Lady is as crazy about elephants as I am. And I LOVE the bunny, thanks so much! He's so snuggly. The Bunny Lady has 6 pet bunnies, tomorrow I'm going to ask if I can meet them.