Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Alive!

I'm alive!  I know everyone is very worried because I disappeared yesterday, but everything is okay.
Hi everyone, Hinna's too tired to dictate anything else to me so she's resting now.  I'll try to explain what's going on though.  Yesterday I was walking to my front door when the neighbor's cat sauntered through the yard with something orange in his mouth.  Something that was wiggling around and shrieking!  I thought he'd caught someone's pet bird because I've never seen any little animals or birds around here with that coloring.  I'm a huge animal lover though and have pet birds of my own so I took off after the cat, yelling all the while.  He dropped what he was carrying in the snow and jumped over the fence.  As I got closer, my heart sunk when I saw the tiny creature wasn't moving.  Then my heart leapt to my throat when I saw that the cat hadn't been carrying a bird or other small animal.  He'd caught a little bitty person, only about 4 inches tall, with lots of red hair!

Thankfully she was still breathing so I rushed her inside, wondering what in the world she was and if she'd be okay.  Her little dress was shredded and her hair was a complete mess.  She had shallow puncture wounds around her torso that needed to be taken care of.  My first thought was to take her to the hospital or the vet or something but where exactly does one take a tiny person in need of a doctor?  I have emergency medical training though so I got her all cleaned up and bandaged and then shaved her hair off so I could make sure she didn't have any bite wounds on her head.  Luckily there weren't any.  Then I made her a little nest with a bowl and a towel and set her on a heating pad to warm up.

She slept for a long, long time.  So long that I was really worried, but she finally woke up this morning.  I wondered how she'd react to being in a giant person's house but she was amazingly calm.  Once I knew she wasn't going to panic, it was very hard not to ask her a billion questions.  I controlled myself and asked her only two:

What's your name?
What are you? 

She said her name is Hinna and she's a pixie.  Then she asked that I contact her family so they'd know she's okay.  I wrote down their e-mail addresses (pixies have internet access?!) and decided to start this blog so Hinna's family and friends can stay up to date on her recovery.

Here's Hinna in her little nest a couple of hours ago:

Today I plan to make her something more comfortable to sleep in and try to learn about pixies.


  1. Hinna is very fortunate to have found not only an understanding, pixie friendly, human, but one with medical training. She looks very comfortable in her nest, and it's kind of you to let her family know she's doing well.

    You should know, though... once pixies move into a home, they tend not to move out. You're probably stuck with a pixie roommate now. We're not bad roommates, depending on who you ask, but just so you know.

    It'll be an adventure from here. That's for sure.

    Good luck! And get well soon, Hinna!

  2. Miranda, thanks for the warning and the good wishes! I think she'll probably want to go home though since she's so concerned about her family knowing how she's doing. We'll see :) It might be pretty fun to have a little pixie roommate...

  3. A pixie! Miri is right. They just take over. Hide your credit cards and money. I guarantee they will wipe out everything unless you take precautions. They are such cunning creatures. My Guardian says they are cute, but I disagree, they make great slaves. Yes... erm... WOTZ!? Oh now she says I am rude and need to wash my mouth out with soap. Acck!!

  4. Ooh, you're so creative. This is a fun blog.