Monday, October 17, 2011

Hinna Meets the Bunnies

"So, I see you like rabbits."

"I love them.  Aside from being hopelessly cute, there's just something about them.  They're nice (mostly), funny, and very loving if you're patient, gentle and let them adjust to you in their own time."

"How did you end up with so many?"

"Well, we started out with only one, but then we wanted to get him a friend.  The next four were all rescues!  We didn't really mean to get them, but they needed homes.  Do you like rabbits?"

"They're my favorite animal. When I was a kid my sister and I found a baby bunny hidden in the grass and we raised him ourselves.  He used to let me ride him.  He was a wonderful rabbit, but then he got eaten by an eagle."

"Yikes, that's terrible!"

"Yeah, it definitely was.  I miss him a lot."

"Do you want to pet one of them?  Let me grab Rory.  He's the calmest one.  The others are named-"

"I know their names already.  I have to admit something, hope you don't think I'm a creep...  Before the cat incident I used to sneak over and hide in your raspberry bush when you'd bring your bunnies outside to play in the grass.  Watching them was so much fun and I learned their names that way.  Always just called you the Bunny Lady.  I thought you had to be pretty nice if you had so many bunnies."

"Uhhh... that is admittedly a little... unexpected... but I'm glad my rabbits made you happy.  Just curious, why did you think I'd be nice because of my rabbits?"

"Come on, they're bunnies!  Cute, fluffy, delicate, sensitive.  Anyone crazy enough to have 6 of them in their living room has to be nice.  I doubt their are many jerkwad bunny freaks out there."

"Good point. Well, I'm glad you think I'm nice.  So, what do you think of Rory?"

"He's so soft!  I just want to squeeze him!"

"I know the feeling!  They're all really friendly so feel free to visit them whenever you want."

"Thanks so much!"

"You're going to be my steed, aren't you?"


  1. Oh that's sweet! You did great with the natural dialogue. And I have to compliment you on your rabbits. There is no way my bunny would sit still through a photo shoot like that! I look forward to more photostories from you!

  2. Oh wow! BUNNIES!!! I have total bunny envy, Hinna. That's awesome that you've found your new steed... er, made a new friend. Congratulations!

  3. The bunnies are so cute and well behaved.