Sunday, October 16, 2011

How I Got Here

Hinna here.  I've been putting it off but the Bunny Lady (as I call the lady of the house) said I should probably tell my family what happened the day the cat attacked me.  She's right, you all deserve an explanation.  Here goes.

For anyone else that's reading, I need to give a bit of back story first.  I'm from a very small tribe of pixies in interior Alaska.  We number only about 150.  Other groups of pixies have come and gone, but we're the only ones who have managed to survive in this place that's frozen and white 7 to 8 months of the year.  The main reason for this is that every single pixie in my tribe has very light blonde hair and pale skin.  Our diminutive size and light coloring allow us to avoid detection as we move around outside in the winter.  I am the only member of my tribe that isn't blonde.  To make matters worse, my hair isn't just brown or even black.  It's RED!  And I have a lot of it to boot- or at least I do when my head hasn't been shaved.  As the Bunny Lady noted in her first post, none of the birds or other animals around here are this color and I stick out terribly.  To keep me safe, in the winter my family has always made me stay inside where I won't be seen and possibly injured (or worse).  The only way I've ever been able to leave our home after the first snow is by sneaking out.

Now for what actually happened.  My entire family (all 10 of us) had planned to go out and hunt for the very last of the wild blueberries.  It's a yearly tradition.  This is something I've always enjoyed because I LOVE blueberries (blueberry buckle, anyone?) and it's usually my last time outside before the long, long winter.  Also I love birds so I was going to stop by the human neighbor's bird feeder to see if any slowpoke robins hadn't migrated yet.  But the first snow fell during the night so my family made me stay home while they hunted berries.  With winter arriving I knew it was my last chance to get out because there's always at least one relative at home during the winter (I seem to be the only one of us that ISN'T a homebody!).  I just had to get outside one last time so I decided to risk it and go visit the bird feeder anyway.  This ended up being a very bad decision because apparently a cat was watching the bird feeder too.

You know what happened next.  I hope you all can forgive me!  Believe me, I feel like a complete moron.


  1. Accckk!! You were bitten by a cat? Ha! That means you could get cat ears, hands and feet now. You do realize that cat bites are infectious? Cats! There's one here called Fizz and she's so irritatingly pink! My Guardian says she loves pink and Fizz is so cute. Cute? Since when did a cat become cute? So... you are a red head? Hmm... ok, we can be friendziz coz we have the same colour hairziz, even if you are a Pixie. So... wantz to be friendziz?

  2. Hi NyXyz Nook! Uh, I did not know that about cat bites but I asked the Bunny Lady and apparently she did know that. She says that most little animals that are caught by cats end up dying (especially birds) because their saliva is so germy. Apparently that's why she was so worried about me. Gotta say I'm kind of glad she chose not to share that information with me until now! I'm still not 100% and am taking some pain killers sometimes but my wounds are healing nicely so I'm pretty sure I won't keel over from an infection anytime soon. And yes I would love to be friends :)